Geotextiles are nonwovens which are strong and have a good water permeability. Applications for Geofabric are a.o. separation, filtration and drainage, f.e. in roof gardens. Furthermore it can be used as erosion control or soil reinforcement in civil engineering projects.


Q-Tex Geofabric is the right choice for stabilizing paving drives, paths, terraces and patios. Another application is protection drainage pipe against weed, frost and fine sand.

Q-Tex Geofabric is made of high quality material and offers a durable stabilization.

Because of its open structure the fabric is highly water permeable. This enables a rapid flow of rainwater, but also the flow of water at drainage pipes.

We can also offer a coated nonwoven rootblock as protection of pavement, foundation, sewage systems, piping from damage by tree roots.