Pond Construction

For the construction or renovation of ponds we have the following products in store:


Q-Tex Stoneliner

Q-Tex Stoneliner is applied as decoration in pond borders and water gardens, water flows or waterfalls. The material is strong, flexible and tear-proof. The material is UV stable, temperature resistant, and is flora and fauna friendly.


Q-Tex Stoneliner is available in the following standard sizes:

  • 40 cm x 15 m (or 25 m)
  • 60 cm x 15 m (or 25 m)
  • 100 cm x 12 m
  • 120 cm x 12 m

Besides our standard colours ‘sand’ and ‘granite’ other colours are available on request.

This product is being produced by our partner company Q-Stonelining BV


Q-Tex PVC Pondliner

For the construction of ponds, PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) pondliner is the product of first choice. Q-Tex PVC Pondliner is strong, flexible and can easily be welded or glued.

It is available in a thickness of 0.45 mm and more. We supply Q-Tex PVC Pondliner on a roll of 2 m and wider, and folded as pre-packs.


Q-Tex Underlayment

A nonwoven underlayment will extend the longevity of your pond significantly. This underlayment prevents possible damage of stones of roots in the pondliner.

This underlayment is being used underneath PVC pondliner and as the material has strong but flexible features, it will adapt the shape of your pond easily. Q-Nonwovens offers various type of nonwoven underlayments, such as 300 g/m² and 500 g/m² white in 2 x 50 m as standard products.