Garden Retail


Since 2015 we also supply ecological weed control fabrics and crop covers. Unlike the plastic products which are on the market, these products are derived from corn. For  these products see our product ‘Q-Tex BIO-Fabric’.

Q-Nonwovens BV is supplier of a range of nonwoven products which are being used by end consumers in their garden. These products are delivered in small packaging, such as a roll or folded into a plastic bag. Our products can be delivered with customer specific product label, packed in a solid carton box. In case of any specific product concept, we will do our utmost to meet our customers demand.

We offer the following garden retail products:

Weed Control Cover Standard

Lightweight black PP nonwoven (40 g / 50 g / 60 g)

Weed Control Cover Premium and Extra Premium

  • Premium anthracite grey strong PP nonwoven in 90 g/m²
  • Extra Premium brown strong PP nonwoven in 125 g/m²

Our Weed Control Cover Premium and Extra Premium are a professional solution for maximum durable weed control because of its features:

  • Good sustainability: Premium and Extra Premium can last up to 25 years
  • Highly suitable for applications involving heavy loads such as pavements of stones, gravel or granulate
  • Extremely high air and water permeability

Hedge Fleece

This weed control cover is being used against weed in hedges. The width of this fleece is 40 cm.


Q-Tex Geofabric is the right choice for stabilizing paving drives, paths, terraces and patios. Another application is protection drainage pipe against weed, frost and fine sand.


Root Barrier

Tree roots can cause damage to pavement, foundations, pipes and cables. This can be avoided by vertical installation of Q-Tex Rootbarrier, which will guide roots in a direction where they  cannot cause damage. Our Q-Tex Rootbarrier is also very effective against bamboo roots.

Sandpit Fleece

This 2 x 2 m sand-coloured nonwoven is being used in sandpit to keep the yellow sand separated from the soil. At the same time, this fleece avoids weed out of the sandpit.

Cover Fleece

Q-Tex Crop Cover Fleece ensures an optimal crop of the vegetable garden. The fleece has an excellent tensile strength, is UV resistant and is permeable for air and water. Besides this it is a protection against insects and pests. The standard fleece is available in 17 g/m2, but other weights can easily be produced on demand.

Winter Fleece

Q-Tex Winter Fleece is available in 30 g, 40 g and 50 g and protects plants, roses and bushes against the influence of frost. This fleece is available in the colours white, beige, terracotta, blue and red.