For professional landscapers we offer the following products:


Q-Tex nonwoven weed control fabric:

We offer a range of different nonwoven products:

  • Standard: 50 g/m² PP nonwoven
  • Premium: 90 g/m² PP nonwoven
  • Extra Premium: 125 g/m² PP nonwoven

Q-Tex nonwoven weed control fabric is the professional solution for weed control because of following product characteristics:

  • Good sustainability: Premium and Extra Premium could last for at least 25 years
  • Highly suitable for applications involving heavy loads such as pavements of stones, gravel or granulate
  • Extremely high air and water permeability

Q-Tex nonwoven weed control fabric  can easily be cut into the requires size without losing its structure and without fraying. At the same time it is very flexible in use.


Q-Tex Nonwoven Geofabric

Our Q-Tex nonwoven Geofabric is being used in landscaping, for stabilizing paving drives and in roof terraces as filtration textile.


Q-Tex Root Barrier

Tree roots can cause damage to pavement, foundations, pipes and cables. This can be avoided by vertical installation of Q-Tex rootbarrier, which will guide roots in a direction where they  cannot cause damage. Our Q-Tex rootbarrier is also very effective against bamboo roots.